Actress Artist Deprise ART PRINTS & Downloads

Print my artwork at home!

Actress Artist Deprise ART PRINTS & Downloads

Print my artwork at home!

Detail from the Alchemist, an original encaustic work of art by the artist Deprise Brescia.

Actress Artist Deprise Brescia

About The Actress Turned Artist Deprise

California based mixed media artist Deprise Brescia is best known for her innovative encaustic artwork and her unique style.  It is something she likes to call 'Transformational Energy Art'.  She coined the phrase because of the intention to raise vibratory frequencies by merging science and spirituality in her artwork.  Science has proven many of the methods she uses to have a positive impact on people and environments.  Although Deprise works in a wide range of mediums, large scale encaustic is her preferred style of working.  Her bold use of color, craveable texture and elaborate detail makes working in a larger format a natural.  

Deprise's recognizable style is earning her the reputation of a prolific, modern master.  Her radical departure from the tradition use of encaustic painting sets her apart as she creates her own unique style of art.  

Deprise merges elements of French Impressionism, ancient encaustic art, like the Fayum mummy portraits found at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Greek relief sculptures and contemporary art to create something new.  Her works are held in private collections and have exhibited throughout the world in galleries, museums, including the Louvre in Paris, France and public art installations.  

She works with encaustic, acrylic, collage, digital art and photography as well as semi precious stones placing them into sacred and ancient grid formations and arrays for their beneficial properties.  She also uses the semi precious stones of: quartz crystal, jade, garnet, kyanite, lapis lazuli, tigers eye, coral, amethyst, geodes, moonstone, black phantom quartz, rose quartz, turquoise and citrine to enhance and energize the positive intentions set forth in the artwork.  

Dr Masaru Emoto and his research on water with the peace project and the water crystals had a profound impact upon Deprise and her work.  After meeting Dr Masaru Emoto and receiving a blessing from the Ajari, the Living Buddha in Los Angeles California she was compelled to further this powerful work in her own unique way, through art.   

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Every piece of art is unique and created using a broad array of techniques.  Some works have Mozart or the Benedictine Monks chanting while the burning in process of the encaustic medium is used.  Others have prayers like the Hawaiian Ho'Oponopono clearing prayer or the reconciliation prayer worked into the art. Affirmations, positive words, chakra energizing colors, rose petals, lavender, tree bark, herbs and stone work, the list is long and the unique combinations she uses continues to evolve.  

About The Artwork Collections

An original encaustic artwork titled Butterfly Garden by contemporary energy artist Deprise Brescia.


Unique and original sculpted paintings and 3D wall artworks of butterflies in both the encaustic and acrylic mediums are found within this collection by contemporary energy artist Deprise Brescia.

Uranus Grid with semi precious stone array designed to elevate places, spaces and people by the transformational energy artist Deprise Brescia

Crystal Grids

The Fine Art Original Grid Series contains semi precious stone arrays and configurations designed to elevate places, spaces and people through the metaphysical grid work and the energy of the stones.  Many of the pieces have pockets on the rear of the artwork so photographs can be placed within the grid work for optimum benefit.  Allow the sacred grids and stones to uplift your places and spaces.

Gypsy Flamenco is an original encaustic painting carved in wax by the artist Deprise Brescia.


As a Dance and Theater Arts major, my love of dance has only grown over the years.  With travels around the world, I have been exposed to many different cultures with unique dance and movement styles.  I capture the beauty I see and exaggerate the elements I love.  Using encaustic and acrylic mediums I lavishly include impasto textures and depth.

The trees of Brescia Italy, encaustic wax art with photography by the artist Deprise Brescia

Encaustic Botanical

The Encaustic Fine Art Original Botanical Garden Series contains the beauty and essence of the flowers, leaves, vines and magical things that grow in the garden.  Rose petals, vines, grapes and leaves are all used in the creation of the works found here along with stones, glass, metals and found objects.  Elements to enhance the energy of the artwork are used in the creation of the pieces found here.

Palette knife painting of SHE the female face by contemporary energy artist Deprise Brescia.


Abstract expressionist art up close and personal, the face evokes emotion, depth and character.  Here you will find the windows of the soul framed in faces, bold colors abstracting the ethnicity but keeping the pure essence and energy alive.  These artworks are available as prints.

Palette knife painting of Amanda by the artist Deprise.


Abstract figurative artworks in acrylic and encaustic mediums, mixed ,merged and highlighted as both the central and background focus of the artworks found here.  This collection.

Original floral artwork in acrylic done with a palette knife by artist Deprise Brescia.


Flowers in gardens and vases growing and cut, bold and soft colors all share there beauty in this collection of both encaustic and acrylic original artworks.  For the lover of flowers and endless inspiration.

Ganesha an original encaustic work of art by the contemporary energy artist Deprise Brescia.

God, Goddess & Angels

My travels around the world have opened my eyes to many belief systems about God, Goddess, angels and all that is...  I see the beauty in all of them and with that inspiration I create original works merging worlds and pieces of many within the same work of art.  Here are some of my favorites.

Eagle Soaring an original acrylic palette knife painting by the contemporary artist Deprise Brescia.

God's Creatures

God has many creatures great and small.  I love the beauty in them all and on that note I have recreated the amazing life I see around me in acrylic palette knife and in the ancient encaustic art medium.  Texture and color are always mixed in to the the works.

Cosmic Taste of Healing an original encaustic work of art by contemporary energy artist Deprise  Brescia.

Healing Arts

The Encaustic Mixed Media Original Healing Art Series taps into the scientific and metaphysical fields of study including; Hado, HoOponopono clearing prayer, affirmations, sacred geometry, entrainment, color therapy, semi precious stone therapy, and more.  The artworks and prints here were created with healing in mind.  They combine multiple therapies with the goal of shifting vibrations through entrainment with higher frequencies.​

"Surrounding oneself with positive vibes is the goal."  ~  Deprise

The Path is an original palette knife painting  that is acrylic on canvas by the artist Deprise


I am blessed to be surrounded by beautiful landscapes.  Here in the central coast of California there is beauty everywhere you look from the hills and mountains into the valleys and out to the coast.  With a palette knife in acrylic the thick impasto application is what I love and how I create art.  The texture and depth that comes with the encaustic medium is also a favorite in the landscape works.  These artworks are available as prints.

Reflections of Giverny is an original Monet inspired acrylic on canvas artwork by Deprise Brescia

Monet Inspired

My love for Monet and his soothing artwork captured my heart long ago.  I am inspired by this great master of impressionism and will continue to create original works in my unique contemporary style with acrylic and encaustic in honor of Monet and his beautiful body of work.

About The Artwork Collections II

The face of Destiny and original encaustic work of art by contemporary energy artist Deprise Brescia

Native American

The Encaustic Fine Art Original Native American Series honors the history, tradition and beauty of this unique culture through original encaustic artwork.  The works here draw inspiration for elements of Native American art, history and culture.

The artist in self portrait as the pensive mermaid in, "Remembering Atlantis" an original encaustic work of art.  The inspiration came from a meditation in the crystal pyramid that lives in her gallery.


The Encaustic Fine Art Original Water Series uses the element of water as an essential part of the artwork.  Many of the pieces here use Dr Masaru Emoto's Hado work as a basis for the creation.  Each of the pieces here use mantras of positivity repeated during the burning in process of the encaustic wax medium.  The works here also contain many of the positive words embedded into the artwork for their beneficial vibrations and energy.  Any of the water works here would be ideal to place in the northern section of one's home, room or space to energize the water element found in the north according to the principles of feng shui.  Blessings  ~  Deprise

Bronze Tree dancing is an acrylic palette knife painting on canvas by the artist deprise.


The Encaustic Fine Art Original Wood Element and Tree Bark Series expresses the unity of life through the bark of trees and the human form in all of it's glory.  The works here are either based upon the bark of wood or they actually use specific tree bark fibers and wood elements for the aesthetics, as well as the energetic and metaphysical properties these natural wood element have to offer.  Eucalyptus bark, mossy oak twigs, palm tree fibers and more are all used for their gifts.  The wood element artworks are ideal to place and energize the east section of your home, room or space according to principles feng shui.

"I looked upon the tree simply as a living soul but free, I saw the shape, the light and bound, hidden life like mine was found."  ~  Deprise

Cake is an original encaustic work of art containing positive words and phrases for the energy of the words as proven by the work of Dr Masaru Emoto's work with water.  This original work of art is by the artist Deprise, the center of the work features the yogi in camel pose.


The Encaustic Fine Art Original 'Yoga Series' contains works that embody the energy and spirit of the yoga pose.  Each pose holds a power to heal, to release and to build strength (mind, body and spirit).  Allow the energy of the pose to inspire you.  Harness the power of the pose and build your chi positively.  The works also contain semi precious stones for their energetic properties and healing abilities.  They are used to enhance and amplify the energy of the art.  Allow the yogis to reveal themselves by sitting with the art.  Namaste  ~  Deprise

About Digital Art & Film Collections

Yogi in updog swimming thru the trees of life from an art film by the artist Deprise

Digital Art Film Stills Series

The images in this gallery come from the 'Transformational Energy Art Films' I have created.  Those art films include: 'The Experience of One', 'The Experience of Process', 'Club Cuts', and 'Change Train'.  

These art films fall into the category of 'Transformational Energy Art' because they were all created with the intention to transform energy through the use of Hado techniques according to the principles of Dr Masaru Emoto's research and findings with words, water and intention.  Positive words, prayers, sacred geometry and affirmations are layered into the film along with images with the specific positive intentions to uplift the viewer.

Fire art image from the collection of fireworks by the artist Deprise Brescia.

Digital Fire Art Series

Inspiration for the Fire Art series comes from Deprise's love of transformation.  Fire is a transformative energy that purifies and changes. She loves the dance of fire and many things can be seen within it.  "I love to watch and photograph the energy in motion!" says Deprise.  These photographs are digitally painted and layered with fire and other elemental images, creating original works of art. Like this art?  Select images from this gallery are available on a variety of products in the Zazzle stores.

Sleeping Fairy in childs pose digital artwork by the artist Deprise Brescia

Digital Garden Fairies Art Series

Inspiration for the Garden Fairies series comes from the idea of life in other dimensions and the beauty in and of other worldly beings.  Merging the beauty of the female form with nature illustrates this conceptual series beautifully.  Deprise says, "The garden is very much alive!"   Like this art?  Select images from this gallery are available on a variety of products to uplift your place and space.  See Zazzle stores in the home decor link. 

Compassion in green and blue by the artist Deprise

Digital Graffiti Art Series

Inspiration for the Graffiti Art series comes from Deprise's interest in Dr. Masaru Emoto's research on water crystals.  The research shows every thought and intention has an impact upon water; and therefore on our bodies which are primarily water.  "I thought about tagging art with words of positivity that would affect the water composition of each being who encountered them." Deprise said.  "I thought why not focus the intention of each piece and see what they invoke?"  Some of the artwork has only one word throughout the piece, others have multiple words of the same letter or similar intention.  All the words used are intended to uplift, inspire and evoke positive transformation.  Like this art?  Select images from this gallery are available on a variety of products to uplift your places and spaces.  See the Zen Diva Zazzle store in the home decor dropdown. 

Cat pose from the electric chi yoga series by the artist Deprise Brescia.

Digital Yoga Art Series

Inspiration for the Electric Chi series comes from the concept of energy in motion.  It is Deprise's interpretation of the subtle energies flowing in and around us at all times.  Her love for yoga, color, motion and emotion are mixed.  All of the works here began as photographs, which were liquified and hand painted through the digital medium.  Each piece is unique and every process it's own.  "I trust the creative spirit as the art reveals itself to me" says Deprise.  This gallery showcases some of the art and prints found in her eBook Yoga Meditations, available on   Like this art?  Select images from this gallery are available on a variety of products to uplift your place and space.  See the Deprise Yoga Store on zazzle found in the home decor section.

King of the toads digital art image from the children fairytale by the artist Deprise Brescia.

Digital Children's Art Series

The children's artwork found in this gallery draws Inspiration from the eBook Fanny & The DG's.  The works here come from Deprise's love of fantasy & fairytale.  They are her interpretation of real life & Disney mixed into magical light filled imagery.  All of the works here began as photographs, which were hand painted through the digital medium.  Each piece is unique and every process it's own.  "I trust the creative spirit as the art reveals itself to me", says Deprise.  This gallery showcases some of the artwork found in her children's eBook Fanny and The DG's available on  Like this art?  Select images from this gallery are available on a variety of products to uplift your place and space.  See the Deprise Kids Store on Zazzle. 

The Calling art image by the artist Deprise

Digital Surreal Healing Art Series

Mixed-media light painting.  The artworks here are designed with healing in mind.  Healing elements from: yoga, dance, feng shui, crystals, semi precious stones and geodes, healing prayers, affirmations, grids, and many of today's energetic and spiritual healers philosophies and methods are thrown into the mix.  A powerful image of what that healing could look and feel like is displayed in the artwork.  A creation of art to help hold a visualization of what one desires to entrain with, in this case it is healing.  All persons the art is created for remain anonymous and inspired.  See Zen Diva Zazzle Store for home decor products to fill your space with positivity and the art found here.

About Photography

Itty Bitty Kitten


Animal photography captures the energy and essence of these amazing creatures.  I consider it a fun form of art.  Animals impact our lives in so many ways and we can become mesmerized by these beings.  Here are some of my favorite images of animals.  I have learned so many things from them all.



Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  Here I find beauty through the eyes, the windows to the soul.  The photographs here capture the beauty I see and I like to call them art.

Black and white butterflies by the artist, photographer.

Black & White

Black and white photography captures an image like no other art form can.  There is a elegant, chic appeal to the simple understated beauty of black and white images.  Classic and timeless images in black, white and every shade of grey between them.  This gallery shares some of my favorite black and white images with links to sites that can print, matte, frame and produce these elegant images for you on an product you like.

clouds photography by artist, photographer Deprise Brescia.


Pictures of Gods pure creations; oceans, animals, mountains, seascape, landscape, trees, plants & insects are a beautiful form of art.

Maternity photoshoot by artist, photographer Deprise Brescia.


When a new life is about to enter the planet, the glow of love and light can be captured by the lens.  Here are maternity shots of the mother to be in all her beauty and of the mother and father as a loving playful couple in anticipation of their joyful life as a family unit.  Bellies, babies, laughter and joy all caught on film sharing the art of new life.

About The Actress / Artist Deprise

Deprise Brescia actress and artist dreams big.

Artist Statement

Artist Statement

Artist Statement

  • At its core, my artwork merges science and spirituality for its aesthetic beauty and energetic properties.  I consider it transformational, energy art, created to positively influence the viewer and environment.

detail of Leap of Faith, an original encaustic painting by the artist Deprise Brescia.

My Art Mediums

Artist Statement

Artist Statement

  • I use many different mediums, such as encaustic, acrylics, oil, pastels, digital art and Photography.  I believe that working in a single medium is restrictive to my artistic process. Each idea manifests in its own individual style.

Veterans Voices Art Exhibition created by Deprise Brescia received Congressional recognition from Congressman Salud Carbajal.

Veterans' Voices

Artist Statement

Veterans' Voices

  • I created and curate a month long arts exhibition called Veterans' Voices.  This program in its third year has grown to include FREE art classes for Veterans and their families.  Made possible in part by the California Arts Council.

The actress, artist, activist Deprise Brescia interviewed by KSBY for the news about her art installation, "Pray for Peace" about the dramatic rise in school shootings for the  16 years of the 21st century.

Press & Media

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Veterans' Voices

  • Deprise Brescia is no stranger to being in the public eye.  Merging her public career as an actress and her creativity as a visual artist, her devotion is clear.  This artist speaks up for worthy causes, including veterans.  She's an advocate for healing through the arts.

The artist Deprise receives an award for her work the Watcher.

Curators Corner

Visit The Gallery

Visit The Gallery

  • Discover how the art and environments we surround ourselves with affect us and our overall well being.  Become inspired on how you can elevate your vibration and world with energy art.  Learn about the art!

The quartz crystal pyramid inside the Deprise Brescia Art Gallery at Studios on the Park in Paso Robles, California.

Visit The Gallery

Visit The Gallery

Visit The Gallery

  • Deprise Brescia's art and prints can be found at several locations in Paso Robles, California.  Her gallery at Studios on the Park, Hunt Cellars and Diablo Paso.  Come experience the art in person.  Her art and prints are available on line with FREE SHIPPING in the United States.  

About The Author Deprise Brescia

'Yoga Meditations How To Harness The Power Of The Pose' delves into the root of popular postures.

Yoga Meditations eBook

Meditations for Peace eBook

Meditations for Peace eBook

  • Yoga Meditations How To Harness The Power Of The Pose delves into the root, origin, purpose and benefits of many popular postures and some less practiced ones. Meditations that match the energy and essence of each of the postures are added into the mix.  Original art and prints available of the yoga postures.

‘Meditations for Peace’ is a practical guide for those wishing to bring more peace into their lives by the artist, author Deprise

Meditations for Peace eBook

Meditations for Peace eBook

Meditations for Peace eBook

  • ‘Meditations for Peace’ is a practical guide for those wishing to bring more peace into their lives: peace of mind, peace in relationships and family life, peace in career and work environments, and peace within.  Art from the pages of this eBook are available as prints.

Fanny and the DGs is a beautifully illustrated children's picture book by the artist, author Deprise Brescia.

Fanny & The DG's eBook

Meditations for Peace eBook

Fanny & The DG's eBook

  • Fanny and the DGs is a beautifully illustrated children's picture book. The story is told in rhythmic fashion with elaborate digital art photographs that entertain and dazzle the reader. It is a fabulous fairy-tale that introduces Fanny and the DGs.


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YouTube Channel

YouTube Channel

See Artist Deprise Brescia's film, television & theater credits on the International Movie Data Base.

Deprise Brescia actress and artist featured in her own art films and mixed media artwork.  Outtake.

YouTube Channel

YouTube Channel

YouTube Channel

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Digital art image from the art film by the artist Deprise Brescia, shown here in self portrait.

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Check out the art films Deprise has created and entrain with the positive vibrations!

The artist Deprise models for David Appell Furrier in Beverly Hills.

Watch Commercials

Watch Commercials

Watch Commercials

Check out a few commercials Deprise created in the artistic and advertising worlds!

Deprise Brescia actress / artist behind the camera on her mission of creativity.  Creating art.

Artist Images

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Artist Images

Check out a few images from the world of Deprise!  This actress / artist merges the worlds of entertainment with her diverse creativity.

The young Deprise entertains her brother Jim even back then!

Resume CV

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Artist Images

Check out the history of work and exhibitions Deprise participated in before the opening of her own gallery in 2019.


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Deprise Yoga Zazzle store

Deprise Yoga

This store carries useful products with designs featuring yoga artwork.  Yoga postures and the auspicious 8 patterns of yoga art are incorporated into exotic looking creations.  Familiar postures are used in these featured yoga designs.

Zen Diva zazzle store

Zen Diva

This store carries sacred, healing and spiritual artwork. Many incorporate: yoga, feng shui, prayer, affirmations, 72 names of God, color, Hado, crystals, grids and semi precious stones along with the teachings of past and present spiritual leaders.

Deprise Kids Zazzle Store

Deprise Kids

Products found in this store feature  fantastic, light filled imagery and artwork for children, kids and the young at heart.  Artwork from the children's eB​ook, "Fanny and the DG's" and the "FairyTale Fantasy" collections.

Deprise Zazzle Store United States of America Artwork from Faces of Freedom art installation.


All of the products in this store feature the art designs from the colorful "Faces of Freedom" art mural on the United States of America jigsaw puzzle by the Artist Deprise.  The perfect gift of inspiration for each and every state in America.  The Flag and Constitution mural is included too.

Deprise kabbalah zazzle store

Deprise Kabbalah

The products found in the Deprise Kabbalah Store contain artwork with the 72 Names of God. These names are written in Hebrew and incorporated into the artwork. Kabbalah teaches that by scanning right to left the 72 Names of God, we can reveal the light or energy of that specific Name Of God.


Questions or Comments?

The Deprise Brescia Art Gallery is located in Paso Robles, California. The working art studio for the artist Deprise is also her gallery showroom. We are centrally located in beautiful downtown Paso Robles, across from the park. Feel free to message me here.

Deprise Brescia Art Gallery



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Locations That feature Deprise Brescia Artwork

Hunt Cellars

Hunt Cellars

Hunt Cellars


A selection of Deprise's original art can be found at Hunt Cellars, available for purchase.  Please feel free to visit during normal business hours to enjoy wine tasting and art.

2875 Oakdale Road, Paso Robles CA
Hunt Cellars is located on the beautiful Highway 46 West Wine Trail exactly 3 miles West of Highway 101 (at Oakdale Road). This is the scenic coastal route to Cambria, Hearst Castle, numerous wineries and other beach communities.








Diablo Paso

Hunt Cellars

Hunt Cellars


Original art by Deprise can be found on the walls of Diablo Paso's Wine Tasting Room. The encaustic map of Spain along with the flamenco dancer grace the walls. Personal artwork made just for them. Please visit during normal business hours to enjoy wine tasting and check out the art.

The Diablo Paso Tasting Room Location:
1220 Park Street
Paso Robles  CA  93446

Open 7 Days a Week:

Sunday: 11:30 a.m. -7:30 p.m.
Monday:  11:30 a.m.- 7:30 p.m.
Tuesday:  4:00 p.m.- 7:30 p.m.
Wednesday:  4:00 p.m. - 7:30 p.m.
Thursday: 11:30 a.m.- 7:30 p.m.
Friday: 11:30 a.m.- 8:00 p.m.
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