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Deprise Yoga

Deprise Yoga Art Product Store on Zazzla.

This Zazzle store carries useful products with designs featuring yoga artwork.  Yoga postures and the auspicious 8 patterns of yoga art are incorporated into exotic looking creations.  Familiar postures are used in the featured yoga designs.

Zen Diva

Zen Diva Art Designs on Zazzle Products by Deprise

This Zazzle store carries sacred, healing and spiritual artwork. Many incorporate: yoga, feng shui, prayer, affirmations, 72 names of God, color, Hado, crystals, grids and semi precious stones along with the teachings of past and present spiritual leaders.

Deprise Kids

Deprise Kids Zazzle store artwork image.

Products found in this Zazzle store feature  fantastic, light filled imagery and artwork for children, kids and the young at heart.  Artwork from the children's eB​ook, "Fanny and the DG's" and the "FairyTale Fantasy" collections.


The Depries Zazzle Store banner featuring United States of America Artwork from the  artist Deprise

 All of the products in this Zazzle store feature the art designs from the colorful "Faces of Freedom" art mural on the United States of America jigsaw puzzle by the Artist Deprise.  The perfect gift of inspiration for each and every state in America.  The Flag and Constitution mural is included too.

Deprise Kabbalah

The Deprise Kabbalah Store from Zazzle features artwork with the 72 names of God embedded in the art

The products found in the Deprise Kabbalah Zazzle Store contain artwork with the 72 Names of God. These names are written in Hebrew and incorporated into the artwork. Kabbalah teaches that by scanning right to left the 72 Names of God, we can reveal the light or energy of that specific Name Of God.



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