Veterans' Voices Art Reception January 6, 2018

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Veterans' Voices – January 2–29, 2018

Building Bridges through art.

This exhibition is an opportunity for those who have served in the armed forces to express themselves through artistic mediums.  All branches of service, both active and retired are welcome.  All mediums of artistic expression are encouraged.  We are giving veterans voices through art.

Veterans Voices Art Reception launched a community art event that was created with healing in mind.  It was merging civilian and veteran artists all using various forms of art to express their points of view and communicate, share and heal through the process.  It has been long proven that art has therapeutic value and a necessary place in our lives.  This show was created to enhance the bridges between the veteran and civilian communities through art mentorship, collaboration and creativity.  Here are some of the images from the opening reception.  Another way we are building bridges through art.

Month Long Veterans Art Exhibition

If you would like to participate in this years exhibition, please follow the links and download the artist participation form.


Participating Artists and Veterans


Alana Rodriguez
Alfredo Anthony Santa Cruz
Al Paulson
Angela Lindahl

Anne Laddon 

​Anthony Cabell

Bill Pluma 
Calvin Louis Baham
Curtis Rankin

Dale Evers

Daniel A. Watson
Danny Van Hoosen
Darryl Crawford
Dave Banta

​David Setino Scott

David Tello

Dennis Curry

​Denyse Olsen

Deprise Brescia

Donald J. Degner

Don Eaton

​Gregory Arenas

Hannah Crazyhawk 

Harold Spencer

​Iskra Arenas

James Davis

Janice Pluma

Jason Blad

Jason Blad

Jason C. Holland

Jenna Jordan Feaval

Jerry E. Kopinski

Joe Rossi

Joe Thomas 

John Rex

​John Somics

​Kevin Larsen

Kirby Banta

Linda Grone Smith

​Lin Mercer

Lynn Schmidt

Matthew Thomas

Mel Smith

​Michael V.  Messina

Michelle Frazier

Millicent Sabin

Paul K Chappell

Peter G. Dausen

Rick Grantham

Rusty Smith

Samuel Davila

SFC Michael Rider

Stan Hawkins 

Steven Macks Dilley

Steve Star

Teri Bryant

Tom Peck


​William Tuck



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