California Artist Deprise Brescia

About The Work of Deprise

Deprise responded to the need for smaller artworks by recreating smaller details and sections of larger works so the detail was not lost or compromised and the energy of the art remained in tact.

She works with encaustic, acrylic, collage, digital art and photography as well as semi precious stones placing them into sacred and ancient grid formations and arrays for their beneficial properties.  She also uses the semi precious stones of: quartz crystal, jade, garnet, kyanite, lapis lazuli, tigers eye, coral, amethyst, geodes, moonstone, black phantom quartz, rose quartz, turquoise and citrine to enhance and energize the positive intentions set forth in the artwork.  

Every piece of art is unique and created using a broad array of techniques.  Some works have Mozart or the Benedictine Monks chanting while the burning in process of the encaustic medium is used.  Others have prayers like the Hawaiian Ho'Oponopono clearing prayer or the reconciliation prayer worked into the art. Affirmations, positive words, chakra energizing colors, rose petals, lavender, tree bark, herbs and stone work, the list is long and the unique combinations she uses continues to evolve.  

Dr Masaru Emoto and his research on water with the peace project and the water crystals had a profound impact upon Deprise and her work.  After meeting Dr Masaru Emoto and receiving a blessing from the Ajari, the Living Buddha in Los Angeles California she was compelled to further this powerful work in her own unique way, through art.  

If you are looking for more balance, peace and joy, more love, compassion and kindness why not entrain with these energies.  Entrain with these qualities and surround yourself with beautiful art and art products that uplift.  Decorate your home and office, meditation space and favorite place with entrainment art to bring these beneficial energies into your experience.  Allow the beauty and energy of the artwork to help hold positive vibes for you and all who enter your space.

Allow yourself to be drawn into a world of color and light, spirit and faith, peace, power, balance and beauty.  Here you will find whatever you need to help create your special space.  You will find fine art original works as well as digital art and photographic prints with links to a variety of sites that can matte, frame and ship right to your door.  

You will also find wearable art products to keep the energy of the art close to you.  Links to stores that offer some of the art on home decor products, clothing, shoes, baby clothes, candles, jewelry, kitchen items to help positively energize your food and living space, all found here.  Film and video curations also help explain the art and how it benefits you.  

Enjoy the galleries and if you find you would like something created just for you to serve specific needs, commissions are available upon request.