Actress turned artist Deprise Brescia and her commercial background span decades.


Actress Deprise's commercial work's spanned decades.  A celebrity advertising for Pepsi, Coca Cola, Miller Beer, Coors, Budweiser, Peugeot, Coty Perfumes, Adidas, Reebok, Nike, Kellogg's, Proctor & Gamble, Game-Stop, Central Sports, LA Gear, Bally's Fitness & more.  Now she inspires with art & products for uplift people, places & spaces.   

Electric Chi Yoga

This is an experimental art film incorporating some of Deprise's favorite things.   This ARTWORK comes from the eBook "YOGA MEDITATIONS - HOW TO HARNESS THE POWER OF THE POSE" by actress, artist, celebrity fitness yogi Deprise Brescia, available on


Check out this great Peugeot commercial with actress Deprise, shot in Portugal by famous/celebrity English director Peter Weber.

Fanny & The DG's

The eBook "Fanny and The DG's" is available on under the kindle store by Deprise Brescia.  The actress turned artist, author, film maker.  It's a fairytale for all with vibrant illustrations and a classic story line for children of all ages.

Cellular One

Check out this classic Cellular One, Airplane commercial with the actress Deprise

Electric Chi Yoga

Check out this great video and the psychedelic yoga art by actress, artist Deprise Brescia, celebrity of the fitness world.  Prints of the yoga art are available online. 

LA Gear

Check out this great vintage commercial with Deprise.  This was one of the first of many commercials she would book with Wilhelmina Models in her early days.

Meditations for Peace

Check out this great eBook with practical information!  Available on by celebrity actress Deprise Brescia

Step Reebok

Check out this great video.  It all began with the first STEP commercials with actress Deprise Brescia...