The Artist Deprise Brescia Biography

Artist Bio

Deprise Brescia is a mixed media artist specializing in transformational, contemporary, energy art. She merges science and metaphysics to create art for uplifting places and spaces.  Some of the modalities incorporated include: yoga, Hado, dance, feng shui, color, nature, affirmations, prayers, crystals, semi-precious stones, grids & sacred geometry.   Deprise received private training as a child in painting, pottery and received awards for her sketching.  She earned a BA in Dance and Theatre Arts as a young adult.  Her study of art abroad continued throughout the years in Spain, Asia, Mexico, the Caribbean and South America.  Her techniques mix mediums, cultural philosophies and her experimentation with new materials has allowed an even greater transformation.  Mixing ancient arts with the modern age in order to illustrate her message of “WE ARE ONE”, the underlying theme through all of her works. Deprise continues her private coaching and training in a variety of disciplines including; Videography, photography, painting, 3-D collage, stonework, drawing and encaustic painting.  

Deprise's Radical Departure

  Deprise radically departs from the traditional use of encaustic introducing her contemporary, impressionist style to create uplifting energy art. Her bold use of color is often imbued with semiprecious stones, words and symbols to ‘uplift people, places and spaces’. The viewer quickly feels the impact of her art.